About Salado Water Supply Corporation
The Salado Water Supply Corporation is member-owned and was founded November 2, 1966. 
Currently, Salado Water Supply Corporations CCN or  Certificate of Convenience and Necessity covers about 35 square miles with 100 miles of pipeline. It is supplies by eight water wells. All draw from the northern Edwards Aquifer. The Edwards Aquifer is a very prolific source of water, which means, rainfall recharges it very quickly. Salado Creek is the aquifer overflow.
Salado Water Supply not only supplies its customers with ground water, it supplies about 330 customers west of Salado with surface water from Lake Stillhouse.  This water is treated at the Kempner Treatment Plant before serving the customers closest to the lake. 

Manager - Ricky Preston
Directors - 9 Members
Technicians - 5
Office - 2
410 Salado Plaza Drive 
Salado, TX  76571